Sell With Video

Sell With Video

17 Modules

Phase 0: Mindset and prep

Before you dig into the program, you have to get your mind right! Let's cover mindset and how to get the most out of this program

Phase 1: Magnetic Messaging

During this phase, you will learn how to attract your ideal client with aligned messaging and content

Phase 2: VCTC: Video strategy

Video content that connects phase: Creating your video strategy

Phase 2: VCTC: Planning and scripting your videos

Video content that connects phase: Plan and script your videos for success.

Phase 2: VCTC: Get ready to record

Video content that connects phase: Get ready to record videos with a simplified process that gets rid of video and tech overwhelm

Phase 2: VCTC: Editing videos with ease

Video content that connects phase: Learn how to edit your videos with ease including via desktop and via mobile.

Phase 2: VCTC: How To Thrive With Livestreaming Videos

Video content that connects phase: Learn how to leverage live streaming videos for your business

Phase 3: Easy conversions

You will learn how to turn viewers into BUYERS by getting them off the video and ready to work with you.

BONUS: Automations, simplified (Win with webinars)

Ready to automate aspects of your sales with my winning webinar system +  email templates?

BONUS: YouTube Acceleration

Bonus optional module: YouTube is great at creating evergreen, search-friendly video content. Learn how to leverage the platform.

BONUS: Propel Your Sales! Sales page copy + templates

Bonus module on how to propel your sales with sales page templates and plug and play sales page copy

BONUS: Successful Sales Calls

This is a optional bonus module for service providers who would like to become better with sales calls

BONUS: Emails made easy

You will learn how to turn viewers into BUYERS by getting them off the video and ready to work with you.

BONUS: Ways to repurpose video content

Bonus optional module on how to work smarter, NOT harder by repurposing your video content for multiple platforms and mediums

PIF Bonus: Create a digital offer in a week (sell your services & products!)

Ready to create a digital product in less than a week? Perhaps you're ready to create a course or launch your signature service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and additional resources to help guide you

Guest Expert Lessons

Here you will find additional lessons taught by other experts including mindset, email and Instagram!

Modules for this course 17
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